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 Devastation in Nairobi

The aftermath of the Kenyan bomb 

Burma's opposition leader gives up her protest: "Forced back by the heat"  

Sex, lies and impeachment

Northern Ireland: An historic year

The year the bubble burst

Kosovo: Another Balkan tragedy

Nature's turbulent year

Sport: Trials and triumph


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David Shayler
Ex-MI5 agent whose attempts to expose alleged dirty tricks landed him in a French jail.

August was the month when terrorists struck at American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, killing hundreds of people. It also saw the Omagh bombing, the worst terrorist incident in 30 years of violence in Northern Ireland.

President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky gave evidence to the Starr inquiry - she in person, he, perhaps unwisely, on video.

Around the world, the Russian economy crumbled and calls for cuts in UK interest rates gathered force. The civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo escalated as rebels tried to oust President Kabila.

The forces of nature caused flooding in China and mudslides in India as a UK Commons committee recommended not even trying to save low-lying land from rising sea levels.

In the UK, the first anniversary of Princess Diana's death was marked by the passing of a bill banning landmines and many acts of commemoration, but not the huge outpourings of emotion of 1997.

Former MI5 spy David Shayler was arrested in Paris for revealing details of an alleged UK plot to assassinate Libya's Colonel Gaddafi - though the French authorities eventually released him.

Doctors in Leeds created headlines when they grafted three fingers back onto a woman's hand eight months after she lost them - having kept them alive by attaching them to her arm.

The month's good news story was the survival of baby Liam Evans for three days in the Welsh mountains after his grandfather died, crashing the car they were in.

In sport, England had the surprise of beating South Africa at cricket, Kenny Dalglish found himself unemployed as Newcastle brought in Ruud Gullit as their new manager, and the UK topped the medal table at the European athletics championships.

Would you use Viagra? "If you lost a limb wouldn't you want an artificial one?"
"Anyone who takes Viagra is foolish."
Does surfing make you sad? "On the contrary, it expands your horizons."
"It's no substitute for a handshake or blink of an eye."
Does shooting aid conservation? "It's the most efficient means of controlling vermin."
"Because inbred morons enjoy it doesn't make it right."
Is the future black for cricket's men in white? "Sport should be played by humans and not machines."
"In the modern world we must use video replay."
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