Walking with Dinosaurs Home Page Wallpaper

Bring the dinosaurs to your desktop!

Using the instructions below you can put this image on your desktop.

For Windows 95/NT

  • Right mouse click on the wallpaper image above
  • If available, choose "Set as Wallpaper"
  • If not, choose "Save Image As", then choose a file name and add ".jpg" (Save the image to your desktop so it is easy to find.)

From the Start menu, go to Settings, Control Panel, then Display, then Background Choose "Browse" go to "Desktop" and open the "jpg" file
Click "OK"

For Mac OS 8:

  • Save the wallpaper image above to your desktop or hard drive
  • From the Apple menu, select "Control Panel" followed by "Desktop Pictures"
  • Drag the image from your desktop/hard drive to the desktop pictures preview window
  • Select "Tile on Screen" from the "Position" pop-up menu
  • Click "Set Desktop"