Report of the Independent Commission on Policing
9 September, 1999

  Chapter 1: The Task of the Independent Commission on Policing
  Chapter 2: The Indpendent Commission On Policing For Northern Ireland
  Chapter 3: Perceptions of the Police: Main Findings
  Chapter 4: Human Rights
  Chapter 5: Accountability I: The Present Position
  Chapter 6: Accountability II: A New Beginning
  Chapter 7: Policing with the Community
  Chapter 8: Policing in a Peaceful Society
  Chapter 9: Public Order Policing
  Chapter 10: Management and Personnel
  Chapter 11: Information Technology
  Chapter 12: Structure of the Police Service
  Chapter 13: Size of the Police Service
  Chapter 14: Composition of the Police Service
  Chapter 15: Recruitment
  Chapter 16: Training, Education and Development
  Chapter 17: Culture, Ethos and Symbols
  Chapter 18: Cooperation with Other Police Services
  Chapter 19: Overseeing Change
  Chapter 20: Summary of Recommendations