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Patricia Gordon Michael lives in Colorado Springs, USA. Her interest in the Queen Mother and the Royal Family began in childhood.

When I was young, I was given a book called "The little Princesses" by Marion Crawford who had been governess to Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret. I loved the book, and still have it to this day.

It made a great impression and sparked an interest in the Royal Family, and of course the Queen Mother featured heavily in it.

My deepest sympathies to the Royal Family, especially Her Majesty on the loss of her beloved mother and the Prince of Wales on the loss of his dearly loved grandmother. The Queen Mother was a symbol of a loving commitment to the highest principles of loyalty, duty and honor. May she rest in eternal peace.

Patricia's original e-mail
As I studied English literature at school and college, I became more and more interested in England. Iím now a hopeless Anglophile, following the trials and tribulations of the country and itís senior figures.

I heard about the Queen Motherís death while working at the World Figure Skating Museum, of which Iím the director. Iíd just fired up my computer and was checking the BBC website for news, as I do every day.

Although I was saddened by the news of the Queen motherís death, I realise that at her age it was inevitable.

I sent my message out of sympathy for the Queen. Sheís lost a sister and a mother in the space of two months. Iím very close to my sister and I canít imagine how it must feel to have lost the two lynch-pins of her childhood. I wanted her to know that even in these times of cynicism, there are people out there who felt real sympathy for her.

I never met the Queen Mother, although for my sisterís graduation present we came to London for Princess Anneís wedding. We listened to the service on the radio and then went to watch the procession.

I think the Queen mother represented things like honour, duty and responsibility to the family. She carried the standard that it is important to have a sense of duty to something greater than yourself. Thatís something I believe you should aspire to - and she achieved it.

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