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Juliet and Ian Dyson, a retired couple from Truro, Cornwall remember the Queen Mother as a source of strength during wartime.

We were in Stockwell in the heart of Lambeth - when the Second World War broke out. I slept in the underground station and although I was only four, I felt that nothing would hurt us as long as Queen Elizabeth and her family stayed in the country.

It was a very sensitive time, houses were being demolished all around. The people who lived through it had a soft spot for Her Majesty. We knew she wasnít deserting the ship.

My husband was in Northolt and thought it was great fun to watch all the activity of the aircraft. Eventually, I was put on a train bound for south Wales as the bombing had become too intense.

But I was lucky enough to be brought to Buckingham Palace when the war was over and the "lights went up in London" again. The King and Queen were smiling and waving on the balcony and even though she was far off, you could feel her love for her people, truly.

She never lost that wonderful gift. In an ever changing world, not all for the good, she remained shining, happily optimistic and above all constant.

I first heard of the sad loss of the Queen Mother when the announcement was made by Peter Sissons on BBC One. It was, as Prince Charles has said, a moment you dreaded but never really believed would happen.

Somehow she really did seem to have a charmed life and be indestructible. I feel quite moved now because there was no-one like her.

She represented constancy and thatís why she was so special. She was always the same - reliable, just like a mother. You always felt you could go to her because she was like everyoneís mother.

She wore high heels in defiance, after her hip operation. She said itís not going to beat me, that was her essence. No one will ever be like her.

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