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Sam Bartlett, from Tunisia reflects on what made him e-mail in his response to Queen Mother's death.

I am British but my permanent home is in Port El Kantaoui, Tunisia where I bought some land and built my own villa about 15 years ago.

I heard about the news of the Queen Motherís death in Saudi Arabia, where I am at the moment.

I planned to watch the television news headlines on 31 March and I saw a message flash on the screen. I thought it must be a historical programme, perhaps about Queen Mary. I could not quite believe that the Queen Mother would actually die.

I travel a great deal, especially in the Middle East and I can speak passable Arabic. Arabs are fascinated to hear about our Royal Family, and are especially interested in the fact that the Sovereign does not engage in politics.

I often quote the anecdote mentioned in my original e-mail. The one about the Queen Mother when she said she was glad when Buckingham Palace was bombed during the war as it meant she could look the bomb-damaged East End of London in the eye.

Not only are Arabs extremely impressed by this, but they frequently express a wish that they own leaders would have such an attitude!

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