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Your Tributes

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Jean Hurlock, a teacher in Sanibel Island, Florida remembers seeing the Queen Mother when she was child.

As a child I lived in Epsom, so I saw the Queen Mother every year on her return from the Derby, but sadly I never met her.

Where I live in the USA, there are many who wish we could in some way belong to the Commonwealth and have a link to the monarchy. The pomp and ceremony and sense of tradition are important.

One of my sonís friends broke the news of her death to us. I immediately logged on to the internet to find out what the BBC had to say.

I am not in England at present, but the BBC was kind enough to give me the opportunity and place to share with others what we thought and felt about the Queen Mother. I believe we often forget to give compliments.

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother has been there through all our upbringings and lives. She has always managed to keep herself above the malaise that seems to have surrounded the Royal Family of late.

I came over to London for her 100th birthday. The celebrations were wonderful, particularly in Green Park where Guides and members of the Womenís Institute were gathered. The weather was splendid, which added to the joy of everyone involved.

The lady that I overheard stating that nothing would stop the Queen Mother and that we too should carry on despite terrorist threats, carried on along with countless others.

The Queen Mother had set the example and everyone was ready to follow. By being true to herself, her sheer joy of life and ever-present smile broke down barriers and united a nation. That is her legacy.

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