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Health: 100% Blue (little risk of material disruption)

The National Health Service was rated fully millennium compliant in October according to Action 2000 guidelines.

Testing of the 476 separate NHS Trusts and Health Authorities was carried out by the NHS executive and backed by independent assessment.

In July there was concern that the NHS had not being doing enough to tackle the millennium bug. Action 2000 had described the NHS situation in July as "on target, but lots of work to do".

That work does now appear to have been done.

Previous reports had highlighted the ambulance service as being particularly vulnerable. Another area of concern was medical suppliers.

It is difficult to estimate the impact of Y2K on private healthcare organisations, as Action 2000 does not cover this sector.

The Action 2000 traffic light codes:

Blue: The assessment has not identified any risks of material disruption to the infrastructure process.

Amber: The assessment indicates that there is some risk of material disruption to infrastructure processes, but that there is an agreed containment plan to rectify shortcomings.

Red: The assessment indicates that there is a severe risk of material disruption to infrastructure processes and that timely rectification might not be possible.

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