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Disposable planet?
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The way ahead

The way ahead: Five thinkers' views
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Bjorn Lomborg Bjorn Lomborg Julian Morris Julian Morris Satish Kumar Satish Kumar


Everyone seems to agree that sustainable development is a good thing.

But views differ over what it actually is and consequently, how we should achieve it.

And the list of difficult questions shaping opinions is long:

  • How bad is the current state of the planet?
  • Is there a conflict between protecting the Earth and helping the poor?
  • How much faith should we have in new technologies?
  • What sort of lifestyles can the planet sustain for everyone and what sort of lives should we and our children want anyway?
  • How big a gap between rich and poor is acceptable and what is the best way of alleviating it?
  • Do free market policies help or hurt the poor and the environment?

    Click on the bar to see how five different thinkers respond to these questions.

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