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Barbados: Preserving paradise
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Fishing industry

Angela Watson
Angela Watson is president of the national organisation that lobbies on behalf of local fishermen.

She is concerned about pollution from cruise ships and agriculture, which is damaging the island’s fish stocks.

“Farmers still use heavy fertilizers, and after heavy rain the water runs straight out of the fields into the sea and causes horrific damage.”

She also points to a recent dredging exercise to allow huge new cruise ships to dock.

“The stuff was dumped on a reef which was a breeding ground for near-shore fish, lobster, and all types of crabs. We were able to save a couple of hundred heads of live coral and we learnt that they can be successfully transplanted elsewhere,” she said.

In Ms Watson's view, there is not enough business between fishermen and the hotel industry.

She says this is because a number of fish processors have pursued that business, while the fishermen have not been aggressive enough.

“I sometimes think fishermen are too laid back. The thing is to get the chefs to come and look so they can choose their fish,” she said.

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