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Factfile: Feeding the world

Could hi-tech farming eliminate hunger? Click on the bar to read the key arguments about the future of food production


Organic or intensive farming?

Improving knowledge

Sharing the food
A child feeds himself porridge in Beshkent, Tajikistan
About 780 million people are malnourished

One of the main challenges facing humanity in the next decades will be to feed the world without destroying the environment in the process.

It will be an increasingly tricky balancing act, given that the world's population is expected to increase from about six billion people today to nine billion by 2050.

Farmers across the world - from peasants to the global and powerful agribusiness industry - are gearing up to meet the demands of this growing market for meat and fish, fruit and grain.

And while there is no denying the need for them to deliver, sceptics wonder about the environmental costs that arise from producing such massive amounts of food.

An intense search for ways to minimise the damage has come up with several possible solutions, but experts are divided about the best way forward.

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