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Many of the issues explored in this website will be the subject of intense debate at the Earth Summit in Johannesburg. Alex Kirby trawls the internet to see what other sites are doing to mark the summit.

BBC News Online
Our special world development summit page will carry daily news and feature stories throughout the summit. I will be filing pieces myself to the site from Johannesburg, answering your questions, and publishing my own daily news diary.

Online Global Poll
The first online global poll on issues of the environment and sustainable development, produced in conjunction with the United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development..

World Summit on Sustainable Development
The official site for the summit, giving the UN's understanding of what’s going on, written in impeccable UN-ese. Essential, if not easy.

Stakeholder Forum
Offers a slightly different take on the summit.

UN Environment Programme
Required reading from the UN's environmental arm.
Also see:
UN Development Programme
UN’s Commission on Sustainable Development
This British Council site will be produced from Johannesburg for the duration of the summit. It is a comprehensive, chatty news site, including press coverage, pithy comment and useful links.
One of the most all-embracing sites on the web, this is the initiative of an Oxford University zoologist who organised the Oxford Earth Summit in April 2002 to try to make a local reality of Johannesburg. The site also lets you listen to 30 talks given at the Oxford summit.

Friends of the Earth International
As FOE put it, their site offers “first hand stories" from "victims, activists and campaigners who all have first hand experience of the negative impacts of multinationals”.

International Institute for Sustainable Development
A non-governmental organisation’s view of sustainable development – you can sign up on the website for free e-mail news from the summit.

Earth Summit for All
The UK’s Open University has come up with - “a new on-line tool, a discussion portal in which individuals and organisations attending the Johannesburg Summit can jointly develop projects and partnerships”.

This site links to and extracts from more than 3,000 relevant environmental websites.

Planet Ark
Site carrying Reuters’ daily world environment news.

Environmental News Network
Another environmental news site worth checking out.

Bridging the Sustainability Gap
This site from the Real World Coalition offers “a reality check”. It aims to compare pronouncements and rhetoric with achievements.

Earth Policy Institute
Often criticised, and often right, long before others catch up, this site is always worth checking.

The World Resources Institute’s exhaustive database on a wide range of environmental pressure points.

World Conservation Union
The key link for biodiversity.

Leadership for Environment and Development
This community of professionals focused on environmental leadership has a website with a special Johannesburg section.

Make Trade Fair
Oxfam's campaign on trade, which will be a key Johannesburg issue.

Millennium Development Goals
These goals include halving world poverty by 2015 - one of the summit’s aims is to make them a reality.

Tech Central Station
There are those who think the Johannesburg summit is a waste of time, and that there is no environmental crisis anyway. This site – billed as the place ”where free markets meet technology” - offers a different view of the summit.

Institute of Economic Affairs
Another alternative perspective from “the UK's original free-market think-tank".

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