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Battle for Afghanistan
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3/4 November One month of airstrikes
Taleban "gains"
Reported Strikes
As the military campaign enters its fifth week, US warplanes keep up the intense bombardment of Taleban front lines in the north of the country near the border with Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. More teams of special forces are deployed in Afghanistan to work alongside the forces of the opposition Northern Alliance.

Taleban officials say that their forces have recaptured territory near the Taleban-controlled city of Mazar-e-Sharif. It had been reported that this territory, including the village of Aq Kupruk, had been lost to the opposition Northern Alliance.

*Later reports from an Islamic Pakistan press agency said that a US helicopter crashed in Pakistan on Sunday night after being fired on by the Taleban. The agency said four crew members were killed.

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