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Younis QanooniYounis Qanooni (Tajik)

Who he is: Younis Qanooni led the Northern Alliance's delegation at talks in Bonn in November and served as interior minister in the interim administration. He has said he will resign however, "for the sake of national unity".

Analysts believe this may be an attempt to deflect criticism that the Northern Alliance, with its control of the interior, defence and foreign ministries, has been too dominant in the interim government.

Mr Qanooni is involved with General Muhammed Fahim in implementing interim control measures in Kabul.

He was deputy defence minister in Burhanuddin Rabbani's government in the 1990s, and is part of a younger generation of Afghan politicians close to the late commander Ahmad Shah Masood.

Mr Qanooni succeeded Masood as the political head of the Jamiat-i-Islami party, the backbone of the alliance.

What he believes: Mr Qanooni said the positive outcome of the Bonn talks proved that his side is ready to compromise, and promised complete co-operation to realise the agreement.

With the Taleban gone, he said, "Afghans can build a common homeland. The agreement is proof that if Afghans can fight well, they can also achieve peace," he said.

He also urged the world to live up to its pledges of massive aid.

Profile: Younis Qanooni

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