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Sima SamarSima Samar (Hazara)

Who she is: One of five deputy premiers to Hamid Karzai, she is minister of women's affairs in the interim administration.

Ms Samar is a doctor and runs an organisation, based in the border town of Quetta, Pakistan, which provides health and education services for Afghan woman and children.

A former refugee herself, she escaped from Afghanistan after the Russian invasion.

What she believes: Ms Samar is against the idea of keeping women secluded from the public, and has spoken out against wearing the burqa.

"I have three strikes against me: I am a woman, I speak out for women and I'm a Hazara, a minority group," she says.

She has drawn attention to the number of Afghan women suffering from osteomalacia, a softening of the bones, due to an inadequate diet. She says the condition is aggravated by wearing the burqa, which reduces exposure to sunlight.

Worried about where the next generation of female physicians will come from, she also provides medical training at several hospitals she runs in Afghanistan. Profile: Sima Samar

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