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Rashid DostumRashid Dostum (Uzbek)

Who he is: Rashid Dostum is the head of Jombesh-e Melli Islami (the National Islamic Movement), a predominantly Uzbek militia forming part of the Northern Alliance.

His fort in Mazar-e-Sharif was at the centre of the controversial prison riots in which several hundred Taleban prisoners were killed in November 2001.

One of the old-style warlords during the Soviet occupation, he was commander of the Juzjani Militia with 20,000 regular militia forces, fighting with the Soviets against the mujahideen.

But within a couple of years he had changed allegiance, and joined President Rabbani's newly formed mujahideen government in an effort to gain a greater role in the administration, before once more switching sides.

What he believes: General Dostum has gone out of his way to improve relations with Hamid Karzai, particularly after the return of the former king. Formerly seen at the biggest threat to stability of the country, General Dostum seems to have exchanged his trade-mark military fatigues for suits and ties. He was belatedly appointed deputy defence minister.

Profile: Rashid Dostum

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