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After the Taleban

Loya Jirga
Northern Alliance
Younis Qanooni
Mohammed Fahim
Abdullah Abdullah
Burhanuddin Rabbani
Rashid Dostum
Ismail Khan
Karim Khalili
Former king
Pashtun leaders
Women's voices
Northern Alliance

The Northern Alliance controls more than half of the 30 ministries in the interim administration, including the powerful defence, foreign and interior portfolios.

The alliance is a disparate collection of political parties and ethnic groups. It spearheaded the military campaign against the Taleban from within Afghanistan. They are predominantly Tajik, but also include other minority groups such as Uzbeks and Hazaras.

Many people blame the alliance for years of bloodshed after the fall of the Moscow-backed Communist government in 1992. Tens of thousands of civilians were killed when mujahideen groups fought and failed to agree on ways to share power.

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