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After the Taleban

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Karim KhaliliKarim Khalili (Hazara)

Karim Khalili is the leader of the Hezb-e-Wahdat (Unity Party), which represents the Shia Hazara minority.

Wahdat was the second most powerful military party in opposition to the Taleban. Its main benefactor is Iran, who began the party in the 1980s.

Former leader Ali Mazari mysteriously died in Taleban custody after Wahdat turned to them for help against the mujahideen government. The group maintained pockets of resistance in central Afghanistan after being driven out by the Taleban in 1998.

In November 2001, Mr Khalili's troops led the capture of the central town of Bamiyan - the site of the famous buddhas blown up by the Taleban.

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