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After the Taleban

Loya Jirga
Northern Alliance
Former king
Pashtun leaders
Hamid Karzai
Pir Sayeed Ahmed Gailani
Gulbuddin Hekmatyar
Gul Agha Sherzai
Haji Qadir
Women's voices
Haji Qadir

Who was he: Was appointed a Vice-President and minister of Public Works after June's loya jirga. Shot dead by unknown gunmen in Kabul in July. He was governor of Jalalabad when the Taleban arrived in the city in 1994. It was thought he had brokered a deal to stay there, but fled when negotiations broke down. He returned to Jalalabad after the fall of the Taleban to reclaim his governorship. He was involved in the Bonn talks in November 2001, but walked out over differences with the Northern Alliance. He had recently been involved in a controversial crackdown on opium production in the east of the country. The policy led to reports of corruption among officials, and clashes with farmers resulting in a several deaths and injuries.

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