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Burhanuddin RabbiniBurhanuddin Rabbani (Tajik)

Who he is: Appointed president by the mujahideen executive council in 1992, Mr Rabbani continued to be recognised by the UN as president of Afghanistan even after he was forced out by the Taleban in 1996.

He was was forced to relinquish his post when Hamid Karzai was elected chairman of the interim adminstration in November 2001. He was not given a cabinet post, and has been an outspoken critic of the new government.

Mr Rabbani was thought to be standing for election as the new head of state, but pulled out at the last minute. He maintains his status as head of the Jamiat-e Islami party, but in reality has little power.

What he believes: Mr Rabbani has promised that the Northern Alliance will not cling to power. He says he would welcome a broad-based government in Afghanistan. While in power, he allowed women to work and girls to enter higher education.

Profile: Former President Rabbani

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