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The Journey
Life in a foreign land:
- Behind bars
- School of hope
- Clickable guide:
Comparing asylum
- Photo diary:
Life at a camp
- Testimony:
Algerian in exile
- Talking point:
UNHCR chief Ruud
Lubbers took your
The way ahead
World Service radio series
Life in a foreign land: Clickable guide: Comparing asylum
Intro | 1. Pakistan | 2. Iran
3. Germany |4. Tanzania | 5. USA | 6. UK

Many Cubans risk their lives to get to the US
5. USA
The US is one of the few countries to actively seek refugees for resettlement, accounting for half of all resettlement worldwide. Other asylum seekers - there were 31,700 asylum applications in 1999 and a 40.8% approval rate - must apply for asylum within one year of arrival in the US. The application takes up to 180 days to process and applicants are not allowed to work during that time. Once someone is granted asylum they are expected to look for a job and take an active part in integrating into the country. After one year they can apply for permanent resident status.
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