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Israel and the Palestinians | Key Maps
Israel and the Palestinian territories today
Palestinian ruled areas of the West Bank
Jewish settlements on West Bank
Jewish settlements in Gaza
Jerusalem before and since 1967
Land occupied in 1967
1949 Armistice Line
UN partition plan for Palestine
Sykes - Picot agreement
---------------Israel and the Palestinians

Since its capture of the whole of Jerusalem in 1967, Israel has put both East and West Jerusalem under its exclusive control and sovereignty.

Israel has put Arab East Jerusalem under Israeli civil law - as distinct from the military administration which for many years governed the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli authorities redrew Jerusalemís municipal boundaries, extending them northwards and southwards. In 1980 Israel passed a law making its annexation of East Jerusalem explicit.

Major Israeli settlements now encircle the northern, eastern and southern perimeters of the city, creating a physical barrier between Palestinians in Jerusalem and those who live in the rest of the West Bank.

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