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War on terror: Anthrax Fact File
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Inhalation / Pulmonary anthrax
This is the rarest form of the disease. Between 1900 and 1978 only 18 cases were recorded in the US.

Initially coughs and sneezes, much like a common cold. Within 36 hours chest pains, severe breathing problems and shock will develop. This type of anthrax usually results in death after about two days.

The spores are absorbed through the alveoli into the lymph system. They may not become active for up to two months. Once they germinate they release toxins which rapidly leads to haemorrhaging. Any delay administering antibiotics will reduce the chances of survival. Mortality rate for this type of anthrax is about 89%.

The antibiotic being used to treat the current cases in the US is ciprofloxacin, known in the UK as ciproxin.

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