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Historical Fragments
The World in 1500
The Discoverer
The Chronicler
The Fortunate King
The World in 1500  
In 1500 only a small part of the Americas had been discovered, next to the Caribbean Sea. Africa was still largely unexplored, and Europe was divided into kingdoms that were fighting among themselves.

Portugal used its sea access to maintain relations with communities in northern Europe and on the Mediterranean Sea.

The country was able to develop its navy, which allowed it to explore the Atlantic Ocean before other countries did.

Portugal was a small country, with just over one million inhabitants. The Portuguese used their maritime explorations to guarantee their influence over the international community and to control the trade routes.

The naval expeditions had to generate money for their investors, including the King of Portugal.

The entry of other countries into the colonial race (England, Spain, Holland and France) marked the downfall of Portugal as a power.