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Revisiting his Spanish roots revealed a more complex character
Revisiting his Spanish roots revealed a more complex character

Portillo on Portillo

"I think the time has come for me to seek other things to do."

"Most candidates are associated with either the catastrophe of 1997 or 2001. I am unusual in that I am associated with both."

"Conservatives need to chuck out arrogance, complacency and bigotry. In their place, we should welcome new thinking and become the party noted for serious policy innovation."

"I am liberal. And I am a member of the elite."

"If William is there as leader, I am his loyal supporter and I will be with him side by side."
November 1999

"I had some homosexual experiences as a young person."
September 1999

"I am working as a porter at St Thomas's Hospital, London, here to look at the National Health Service, from a new angle: from the porters' lodge rather than the cabinet room."
Portillo on his work experience as a hospital porter, August 1999

Others on Portillo

"He's a complex man, some sides are contradictory. He's analytical and creative, hard driven but whimsical, he's susceptible to mood swings but creative people are. That's what makes him a little bit magical.'
Archie Norman

"I haven't been happy about all the agonising. It looks self-absorbed and irresolute."
Ann Widdecombe

'Actually, Michael doesn't really appeal outside the Tory Party and doesn't even necessarily appeal to everyone in the Tory Party."
Sir Malcolm Rifkind

Baroness Thatcher's verdict on Portillo

Audio/Video Clips
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All five candidates head-to-head on Question Time
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Michael Portillo’s official campaign launch, June 2001
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Michael Portillo announces he will run, June 2001
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The former defence secretary wins Kensington and Chelsea by-election, November 1999
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Portillo reveals past homosexual experiences, September 1999
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