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Dark horses often win
"Dark horses often win"

David on Davis

"Remember, favourites often lose and dark horses often win."

"I'm against the legalisation of cannabis. I think the Dutch experience is a warning, of the harder drugs it attracts but, having said that, I do think we should have the debate."

"I'd describe myself as centre-right. Iain [Duncan Smith] is slightly to the right of me, the others to the other side."
On how he stands politically against the other leadership contenders

"We must be true to Conservative principles of choice, individual responsibility and freedom. But that does not release us from the painful necessity for thought about making ourselves relevant."

Others on Davis

"It's David Davis who looks good to me - I like the cut of his jib."
Frederick Forsyth

"He has a good track record, as a captain in the territorial SAS, in industry and in parliament. He was a bolshie Europe minister who riled the French into dubbing him Monsieur Non."
Richard Littlejohn

Audio/Video Clips
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All five candidates head-to-head on Question Time
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David Davis drops out of the race
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David Davis joins the race
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David Davis and Iain Duncan Smith discuss the challenges facing the next Tory leader
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