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He is little known beyond Westminster
He is little known beyond Westminster

David Davis, as he predicted, came fourth in the first round re-match. By taking 18 votes he managed to squeeze out Michael Ancram who came last on 17.

But he quickly realised that he did not have enough support to close the gap between himself and the rest of the pack, and threw in the towel pledging his support to Iain Duncan Smith.

Leading the field in that ballot was Michael Portillo on 50 votes, then Iain Duncan Smith on 42 and Ken Clarke came third with 39 votes.

David Davis came joint last in the abandoned first round of voting, taking 21 votes. Michael Ancram also scored 21 votes, Michael Portillo came top with 49, Iain Duncan Smith took 39 and Ken Clarke took 36.

Those MPs who declared their support for Davis before the first vote included: David Davis, Richard Bacon, John Baron, Simon Burns, Graham Brady, Derek Conway, Eric Forth, Roger Gale, Paul Goodman, Dominic Grieve, Greg Knight, David Maclean, Andrew Mitchell, James Paice, Peter Viggers, David Wilshire.

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All five candidates head-to-head on Question Time
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David Davis drops out of the race
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David Davis joins the race
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David Davis and Iain Duncan Smith discuss the challenges facing the next Tory leader
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