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About this site

Open Politics is a new venture between the Open University and BBC News Online.

We've worked together to help you make sense of some of the big political issues behind the news.

Using the huge resources of the BBC's programme archives, we want to give you a new perspective on the dilemmas which face us all, whether politicians or the public at large.

We hope the site will be informative - and above all, provocative.

The audio and video clips we've chosen come from a wide range of programmes, across the BBC's radio and TV output.

The text can also be read independently of the clips.

If you would like to download free Realplayer software to play these, please click here.

The Open University

The Open University is the UK's leading provider of open and distance learning. The Government and Politics Department is recognised for its teaching and research excellence.

It runs a wide range of courses, ranging from the entry-level introduction to Social Sciences, to more advanced courses on Pacific Studies, Governing Europe, The United States in the Twentieth Century and Democracy from Classical Times to the Present.

To give you an idea of their approach, two of the academics involved in this course have written special contributions for our website.

Click here to read Professor Michael Saward on reforming the House of Lords

Click here to read Dr William Brown on Britain's place in the world.

Click here to find out more about the Open University.

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