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A postcard from Bournemouth
Donnnachadh McCarthy is a member of the Liberal Democrat federal executive

Thursday 27th September

Wow! Some debate yesterday afternoon on all women shortlists. Cried when Alex Wilcock angrily condemned the proposal which would have meant that no black, gay, disabled or Moslem man could stand for a Lib Dem held seat for years. Relieved that the illiberal proposal failed.

Our motion condemning Labour's abolition of council housing through the back door through their failure to allow councils to fund decent repairs went through unanimously. Nice to be associated with a non-controversial motion for a change!

Grabbed a few quiet moments later on watching TV and saw the US had changed to a far more cautious approach. It is amazing to see how quickly they have started spouting the Lib Dem line after we had urged caution on Monday !!

Packed quickly so I could grab the time to pop this card in the post before dashing down to hear the Leader's speech. C u later this evening if the trains are on time!

Love, Donnachadh

Donnachadh McCarthy
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