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The Royal Accounds - 2002
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Head of State expenditure

The Queen's total spending as the head of state increased by 1% last year from 34.9m to 35.3m.

The rise was largely due to fire safety improvements at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.

While air and rail travel fell in comparison with the previous year, property costs increased.

The head of state's expenditure is met from public funds. In return, the Queen does not keep revenue from the Crown Estate.

Over all, Buckingham Palace says that head of state expenditure has fallen by almost 60% in the last decade as the Queen has made savings on how the Royal household is organised and managed.

Aside from the Civil List payment to the Queen, there was a separate 1m paid as a Parliamentary Annuity which is split between the Queen Mother (who died in March) and the Duke of Edinburgh.

Two of the costs in the previous year's accounts, postal services and IT support, have been transferred to other budgets but still fall within expenditure covered by the taxpayer.

Spending has increased
Spending has decreased

  2001/02 2000/01

Category of spending  
The Queen's Civil List 8.153m 6.509m
Notional pension contributions 45,000 1.072m
Annuities (Payments to royals) 1m 1.002m

Grants-in-aid from the government
Property services 15.522m 15.290m
Communications/information 643,000 550,000
Air/Rail travel 4.936m 5.368m

Other spending met by government/ crown estate
Honours administration 432,000 402,000
Equerries and orderlies 914,000 940,000
Holyroodhouse Palace 2.147m 1.438m
State visits by the Queen 575,000 365,000
IT support - 153,000
Postal services - 1.157m
Ceremonial occasions 312,000 133,000
Home Park, Windsor Castle 592,000 542,000
Other 24,000 24,000

Total expenditure 35.295m 34.945m
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