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The Royal Accounds - 2002
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Palaces: Summary

The Queen receives a grant-in-aid to cover the costs of most of the royal property and palaces.

Last year it was £15.5m. The properties listed on the right are known as the Occupied Royal Palaces or the Estate. Some 1,000 people work in these building. The Queen invites appoximately 70,000 guests to the Palaces every year. In previous years tourist numbers were higher still. But the umber of visitors dramatically halved after September 11.

Spending has increased
Spending has decreased

The Occupied Palaces:
Buckingham Palace
St James’s Palace
Clarence House
Marlborough House Mews
Kensington Palace (residential and office areas)
Windsor Castle and buildings in the Home and Great Parks at Windsor
Income from visiting tourists
  2001-02 2000-01
Admissions etc £850,000 £2.080m

Property costs

The expenditure for the year to 31 March 2002 was £15.52m, up on the previous year’s figure of £15.29m.

Buckingham Palace says this actually represents a 1.5% decrease in real terms spending.

Maintenance is the biggest single cost at nearly £10m. Some of this was offset by the £850,000 from visitor admission fees.

Redeveloping the kitchens at Buckingham Palace cost £3.16m. The accounts says this will be paid for from admission fees to Windsor Castle.

The Post Office no longer supplies its services free to the Royal Household, an added cost of £690,000.

Property costs 2001-02 2000-01
Projects & maintenance £9.99m £11.1m
Less visitor contributions £850,000 £2.1m
Supervision £1.11m £1.29m
Total maintenance £10.25m £10.32m
Utilities £1.67m £1.42m
Fire, health, safety £964,000 £964,000
Non-domestic rates £963,000 £767,000
Court Post Office £690,000 -
Porters, cleaners - £530,000
Furniture £459,000 £470,000
Gardens £478,000 £448,000
Central admin £381,000 £407,000
Craftsmen £45,000 £19,000
Other £10.25m £10.32m
Less rent £375,000 £200,000
Total net spending 15.52m £15.29m

The Queen's utility bills

She may be the Queen but she still gets quarterly bills through the letterbox for the gas and electricity. Unlike the Queen, our bill doesn't come to a whopping £1.6m.

In the past year the combined electricity bill for the palaces has been marginally cut, although gas has almost doubled, a large part pf the cost being the Climate Change Levy.

Water and sewage charges rose dramatically last year after the discovery of what Buckingham Palace describes as "queries from a water supplier regarding faulty and unread meters which have resulted in incorrect bills".

Utilities costs
Department 2001-02 2000-01
Electricity £323,000 £333,000
Gas £334,000 £187,000
Other fuel £15,000 £17,000
Water/Sewage £264,000 £135,000
Telephones £690,000 £660,000
Utilities support £46,000 £83,000
Total spending £1.672m £1.415m

Major costs

There were two projects in the last year which cost more than £150,000 and together made up half the total maintenance budget.

The Buckingham Palace kitchens were improved at a cost of £3.16m, which came out of the grant but on the basis that it would be covered in due course by income from visitor admissions to Windsor Castle.

The new kitchens were opened in November 2001. Part of Windsor Castle was also redecorated at a cost of £151,000 and the work completed last October. The remaining 405 projects had a total construction cost of £3.4m.

The new Queen’s Gallery in Buckingham Palace, which opened in May 2002, was paid for by the Royal Collection Trust.

Costs by palace:
  2001-02 2000-01
Buckingham Palace £5.105m £7.618m
Buckingham Palace Mews & Garden £3.898m £863,000
St James's Palace £1.685m £1.561m
Clarence House £446,000 £538,000
Kensington Palace £353,000 £1.056m
Hampton Court Mews & Paddock £228,000 £164,000
Windsor Castle £2.378m £2.880m
Windsor Castle Royal Mews £382,000 £498,000
Windsor Home & Great Parks £1.04m £1.408m
Central costs £861,000 £784,000
Total £16.372m £17.370m
Less visitor admissions £850,000 £2.080m
Grand totals £15.522m £15.290m
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