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Internet Links


Black Information Link
News and community based website offering information on politics and race issues in general.

Commission for Racial Equality
The leading UK institution committed to promoting fairness in race relations. A publicly funded body, the CRE provides advice to those who believe they are suffering from discrimination.

Forum Against Islamophobia and Racism
A site designed to detail specific incidents of Islamophobia and raise awareness of the problem. It also offers advice to institutions wishing to tackle the issue.

Home Office race resources
A page of links to reports on key issues regarding race, equality and immigration.

Institute of Race Relations
An independent think tank that conducts research and analysis on race with the aim of promoting equality and justice.

Operation Black Vote
A group aiming to increase black representation in British politics.

Race Equality Unit
The unit is responsible for race relations policy and legislation.

The Runnymede Trust
An independent think tank which carries out social policy research on ethnic minorities with the aim of ending racial discrimination.


Black Enterprise
Business support, primarily for the UK black African and Caribbean community.

Ethnic Minority Business Forum
A source of help and advice for ethnic business people.

Employment Tribunals
Details on resolving problems with employers, and information on employee rights.

Federation of Black Housing Organisations
A group who promote quality social housing for ethnic minorities.

Race for Opportunity
An organisation working to make sure ethnicity and race are taken into account by high street businesses.

The site of the Trades Union Congress, it contains information on workers' rights.


Group working to reduce the amount of school exclusions suffered by black children and cut down racism in schools.

A website on racism for children.


Campaign Against Racism and Fascism
CARF publishes a magazine against racism and also provides, support advice and speakers on race issues.

Set up in the 1960s Searchlight is a non-sectarian magazine dedicated to anti-racism.


Home Office Immigration and Nationality Directorate
A Home Office site dealing with applications to stay in the UK and applications for British nationality.

Refugee Council
Largest UK organisation working with asylum seekers in the UK, it provides practical information on refugees’ rights.


Black Police Association
A body to help improve the working conditions of Black and Asian police officers.

European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia
EUMC is an independent body set up by the EU to combat racism across Europe.

An independent crime reduction charity.

Home Office information on equality
Home Office site giving the details on UK and EU laws on race.

Race Relations Act 1976
The text of the first major piece of legislation aimed at ending discrimination.

Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000
The text of Labour government's recent act.

Operation Trident
A Metropolitan Police website on their programme against gun crime in London's black communities.

Police Community Safety Units
A site for reporting racist crime across London.


Caribbean Studies Black and Asian History
Information on history resource across the UK.

Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations
The centre provides advanced study and research in the field of race and ethnic relations.

Multicultural matters
Information for those who wish to expand their knowledge of the different communities in the UK.

Race relations archive
This archive exists to combat racist ideas. It holds books and videos reflecting the experiences of black people.


Kick it out
A joint campaign set up by the Professional Footballers’ Association and the Commission for Racial Equality to rid football of racism.

Football Unites, Racism Divides
A site set up to help take racism out of football

Football Against Racism in Europe
A Europe wide umbrella group designed to expel racism from the game.

Show Racism the Red Card
A charity designed to end racism in football. It details football starts own experiences of racism.

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