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BBC News Online takes an in depth look at race in Britain in the 21st century with a major survey, features and analysis.

BBC Race Survey
Concern over 'police discrimination'
Britain "a racist society"
Full survey results
What the survey reveals
Findings on justice
Who lives where
Race and immigration
Internet links
Race equality chief Gurbux Singh
Global forum
Talking Point
What makes you British?
Is Britain racist?
Are the police prejudiced?
From BBCi
Films from Video Nation
CBBC race special
Today's Featured Items
What makes you British?

Can we define who we are?
Faces in advertising

How representation has changed

Who lives where
"I'm from everywhere"

Watch Amber Gilbert's film

What you told us

Your comments on BBC News Online's special report on race
What the survey reveals

BBC political research editor David Cowling takes an in depth look at our race in the UK survey.

Chinese Britain

How does a community go about finding a voice?
Participation in sport

Are some groups excluded from sport?



Three generations and two cultures defines one British-Asian family's experience.

Mixed Race

The people changing the face of Britain

Changing face of Britain

How inter-ethnic relationships grew in the UK.

Asian Britain

Social affairs correspondent Barnie Choudhury explains how communities have changed over 50 years.

A place for women

Read our e-mail debate on how black and Asian women fare in modern Britain.

Women and society

How are women from different backgrounds faring in Britain?


The policeman

Peter Gould talks to Dave Morris, one of Britain's leading ethnic minority policemen.

Changing face of justice

For many members of ethnic minorities, the face of British justice looks very white.

Disturbing findings on justice

What our survey revealed about race and perceptions of the police and courts.

The hidden victims

How black-on-black crime is being tackled.

Angry young men

Barnie Choudhury reports on why Bradford's Asian youth is still demanding answers.


A sporting chance

One footballer's story of racism and sport

Turning away from crime

How can struggling communities turn youngsters away from crime?
The segregation factor

What started the rioting?


Workplace success

How two people overcame prejudice in their careers

In business

The facts about work and race.

Racism at work

What our nationwide survey reveals about racism in the workplace


Children and race

How colour blind are today's children?

The Kwesi project

One scheme in Birmingham that proves that it takes a "village to raise a child".

Educational achievement

The complex story of education and ethnicity.


How entertainment changed

What effect have ethnic minorities had on elements of the media over the past half century?

Changing the scenery

One actress describes the "baby steps" taken by the media to portray ethnic minorities.



Full details of our nationwide poll on race.

Internet links

Some of the best resources on race issues on the web.

Short history of immigration

Find out more about the periods of mass migration to Britain.

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