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Potters Bar Train crash
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The fourth carriage halted on the platform
The carriage crashed to a halt at 45 degrees

Looking for answers

A Health and Safety Executive interim report into the accident found that it was caused by detached nuts on a set of points. But how the nuts became loose is far from clear.

Jarvis, the rail maintenance contractor, has suggested sabotage was to blame. It says the nuts were found detached during a check on 1 May, and screwed back on by its engineers. A subsequent visual check on 9 May - the day before the crash - apparently found nothing wrong.

It has suggested the nuts may have been deliberately removed by someone with enough knowledge and "utterly perverse" intent.

However, neither the HSE nor British Transport Police have found any concrete evidence to support the sabotage theory.

Other experts and unions have suggested the missing nuts were down to maintenance errors.

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