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The Golden Jubilee 1952-2002

I met the Queen

Anthony Stoddart
Margaret Obi
Sarah Hickerson
Gavin Owen
Pam Shearer
Gary Bridle
If Pam Shearer had not been so tall as a girl, the 69-year-old travel consultant from Vancouver would not have gained such close access to the Queen while at school in South Africa.

"The Royal family came to Pretoria in 1947 when I was 14.

"Our school was chosen from a pageant put on by the schools of Pretoria to do the month of December.

"There was a lovely scene of Mary, baby and angels, with hundreds of pigeons let loose.

"The tallest girls in the school were chosen to present a plaque from the children of Pretoria, and I was one of the lucky three to walk up and present the gift.

"I was overcome and so delighted, as I had come as a small girl from England to South Africa.

"How proud I felt and how tall I made myself that day!

"I will never forget how very ill the late King looked, and how tiny they all were, how beautiful princesses Elizabeth and Margaret were.

"It was a magic moment never to be forgotten in my life.

"I am now a Royalist living in Vancouver and have shared that moment with my own grandchildren.

"I will be watching the BBC for all the excitement throughout England, and rejoicing with our fellow Canadians the excitement of still having a monarchy.

"As a South African Canadian, I am delighted that South Africa has rejoined the Commonwealth.

"I love having a Royal Family and think it is great to have a non- elected Head of State whose concerns are so much for her country and the Commonwealth.

"I have recently been back to Pretoria, where all this happened and seen many of my old school friends.

"A friend in Cape Town was one of the school fellows at the time to accompany Princess Margaret to a ball on her birthday."

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