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The Golden Jubilee 1952-2002

I met the Queen

Anthony Stoddart
Margaret Obi
Sarah Hickerson
Gavin Owen
Pam Shearer
Gary Bridle
Anthony Stoddart's gift to the Queen was pictured in magazines around the world in March. It made the four-hour wait in the Brisbane rain worthwhile for the 15-year-old.

"I had the wonderful honour of meeting the Queen during her recent Golden Jubilee tour of Australia.

"I attended the people's reception in Brisbane on 3 March with 30,000 others, despite the rain.

"I waited at the walkabout barricades, holding five sunflowers for four hours. Five minutes before Her Majesty and Prince Philip arrived, the rain stopped!

"After Her Majesty's speech, she began the walkabout. I was close to the beginning of the route, but at first she went to the other side.

"I must have looked worried, because one of the bodyguards looked at me and reassured me that the Queen would come over.

"And she did. As I handed over the flowers, I said: 'Your Majesty, congratulations on the Golden Jubilee year. I hope it all goes well.'

"The Queen gave me that lovely smile of hers and said: 'Thank you very much.' It was quite indescribable!

"A picture then appeared in the next edition of HELLO! magazine of the Queen holding my flowers just after I met her.

"I would love to be in London during the Golden Jubilee but will instead be watching the celebrations at home.

"I feel that the Golden Jubilee is a very exciting time for the UK, the Commonwealth and the world. The Queen is one of the most extraordinary people in history and she has dedicated her entire life to the service of her people.

"I admire and respect the Queen and the Royal Family. I strongly support the British Monarchy, both in the United Kingdom and here in Australia.

"I am very glad that the Queen is our Head of State."

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