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Fight for the Falklands: Twenty years on
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'I saw Sir Galahad burn'
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The first day

The Argentine military's lost cause
Guide to the Conflict

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Lieutenant Colonel H Jones died leading his men at Goose Green HMS Antelope takes a hit
Colonel H Jones HMS Antelope explodes as it's munitions catch fire
Robert Fox reports as he lands on the Falklands alongside UK paratroops
The fighting at Goose Green as seen by Robert Fox

21 May UK forces begin landings
23 May HMS Antelope hit
25 May HMS Coventry and Atlantic Conveyor hit
28 May Battle of Goose Green
1 June British issue ceasefire terms

I have every confidence in my men, but it is such a difficult plan of battle

Lieutenant-Colonel H Jones before Goose Green

On 20 May UN sponsored peace talks failed. Within 24 hours UK special forces and Royal Marines stormed ashore and established a beachhead at San Carlos in the East Falklands.

The night landings - undertaken during a gale - achieved complete surprise. British troops encountered little Argentine resistance, at first.

The efforts of the British to supply and reinforce the beachhead saw Royal Navy ships forced to operate in very vulnerable conditions.

Argentine air attacks proved costly, and before the beachhead broke out HMS Ardent, Antelope and Coventry were all sunk. The Atlantic Conveyor also went down with the loss of its troop- carrying Chinook helicopters, key equipment necessary to re-capture the islands.

Without the heavy helicopters the British troops were forced to march to take their first major objective - Goose Green.

The Second Parachute Regiment took the settlement, against overwhelmingly superior numbers of defenders.

Their bravery was exemplified by their leader, Colonel H Jones. He was killed, attacking an Argentine machine gun nest which had pinned down his men.

The settlement of just more than a 100 people was liberated on 28 May. Nearly a 150 Argentine soldiers were killed in the assault, and 18 British troops also died in the fighting.

With Goose Green taken British forces could begin their preparations to take the final prize, the Falklands' capital Port Stanley.