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Dome Diamond Raid
Diagram showing police action
  • The gang filmed the attraction before the raid
  • They did not know the police had been filming them already
  • Finding out security was 'lax' inspired the gang to try to make off with the jewels
The crime scene
The raid increased visitor numbers
Raiders trapped

As they fought to grab the diamonds the men were not aware that they had been surrounded nor that the diamonds had been replaced with fakes.

With the two men inside the vault and the others outside by the digger, its engine still running, the officers pounced. They quickly overpowered the would-be jewel thieves at gunpoint.

One of the gang was said to have told officers that he was "12 inches from pay day".

Other arrests followed quickly as police rounded up the waiting speedboat driver and another man on the north bank of the Thames who was monitoring police radio communications.

The police said they had acted on a tip-off, but who exactly planned the raid is still unclear.

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