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Dome Diamond Raid
Diagram showing robbery tactics
  • Forty specialist firearms officers were hidden in the Dome
  • Sixty more Flying Squad officers were positioned north and south of the Thames with 20 officers on the river itself
  • The gang hoped to use ammonia to destroy any DNA evidence
  • Dome managers were told by the police that a raid was possible
The digger used by the gang
The gang used the digger like a battering ram
Money Zone smash

After putting on gasmasks the men released smoke grenades in order to spread panic and keep back the curious.

But once the men entered the heavily fortified vault their fate was sealed.

As Detective Superintendent John Shatford later said, as the gang went in they "effectively imprisoned themselves."

Equipped with sledgehammers and a heavy duty nail gun capable of driving nails into steel an inch thick, the gang set about their task of breaking through the inch plate glass which protected the jewels.

The nail gun was fired into the glass first and then sledgehammers were used to attack the jewel's casing.

The gang had come well prepared with body armour and ammonia.

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