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The Arguments
Thank you for all your e-mails on the euro. Europe and Us week has drawn to a close but you read the views of Referendum Streetís pro and anti euro campaigners below, as well as checking their answers to your questions and watching the euro debate that took place during the making of the Referendum Street TV programme.

 Click here to watch the Referendum Street debate

Austin Mitchell
Austin Mitchell is the Labour MP for Grimsby. He believes that the euro would be a disaster for the UK because its trade patterns are different from most of Europe.
Will Hutton
Will Hutton is Chief Executive of The Industrial Society. Formerly Editor in Chief of The Observer, Director of Guardian Newspapers, and Economics Editor at The Guardian, he believes the euro will be good for Britain.
Simon Heffer
Simon Heffer, 40, is a columnist on the Daily Mail and a staunch opponent of the euro.
Lembit Opik
Lembit Opik, 35, is the Liberal Democrat MP for Montgomeryshire in Wales. He is the LibDem Northern Ireland spokesman and a staunch supporter of the euro.
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