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Rebecca Wood

Rebecca Wood
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Rebecca Wood

Rebecca is a 26-year-old actress whose screen credits include Grange Hill, Soldier Soldier and Peak Practice. She lives in a two-bedroom flat worth 100,000.

She wants to know more about the euro and the various arguments for and against, but does not think anyone can stop its eventual introduction. She says: "I am sceptical. I want to know more about it. I think it's inevitable, but I think the timing is important.

"I am British, not European. I think of the Europeans as being completely different. Their bars are open all night and they all have huge families."

Rebecca thinks joining the euro could prove a double-edged sword. She explains: "I think it might make things cheaper and better value for money. But as a homeowner that could bring prices down."

She adds: "I think it's good that we don't want to be left behind. But there'll be confusion with a new currency. My parents remember how confusing decimilisation in the seventies was.

"The British are such traditionalists. There's a fear of losing their identity although that's not necessarily my view."

Rebecca's biggest complaint is what she sees as the lack of clear explanation. "I think most people are not necessarily for or against it. That's because they are not informed properly. If it was explained more clearly, people would have a clearer idea about how they feel," she says.

Rebecca adds: "I would probably vote against it if there was a referendum tomorrow, but would probably change my mind in the future."

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