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The Wheelers

The Wheelers
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The Wheeler Family

John and Rosalind Wheeler have four children - Nicole, 9, Heather, 7, Bethany, 4 and Kieran, who is 10 months old. The family have lived in their two-bedroom council house for six years and pay 65 a month in rent. They claim Family Credit and their joint income is 17,500 a year.

Both say they are fervently against the euro and closer ties with Europe. John, 35, who works as a warehouseman and takes home 12,500 a month, says: "Why should some German banker tell me how much my salary is worth at the end of each month? I think there is a danger we will end up as part of a Euro superstate and we'll be bottom of the pile - we always are."

"Whenever we fill in any forms which ask if we are European, we always write British," he adds. "You see British football hooligans fighting abroad and while I don't condone it, I can understand how they feel."

Wife Rosalind, 31, who works as a trainee supermarket manager says: "The pound symbolises Britain and the Queen and we want to keep it."

Both Rosalind and John come from army families and are proud of their heritage. Their honeymoon was a Royal British Legion trip to visit war cemeteries in Ostend, Belgium.

Rosalind, whose grandfathers fought in both wars says: "I think they would turn in their graves. They fought to save this beautiful country and we've ended up as the cul-de-sac of Europe.

"It makes a mockery of the sacrifice they and others made," she says. Neither believes that either of the Referendum Street campaign teams could change their minds.

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