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McClymont Family

The McLeimont Family
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The McClymont Family

Lesley McClymont lives with her two daughters, Jessica, 18 and 14-year-old Hannah. Lesley and Jessica have different views on the euro, but each agrees that they could be better informed about the issue.

Mrs McClymont, 51, an educational psychologist, says: "Taking the long view, Europe spent the last couple of centuries tearing themselves apart. Anything that creates alliances has got to be good even if we get the actual details wrong in the first place.

"Whether having the euro is a good idea, I don't know. It may be one of those things you have to put up with in the long-term for the eventual benefits." But she admitted: "I find the whole thing a bit of a yawn to be honest. I am pro-Europe and anything that promotes Europe and that ought to include the euro. But if it makes people fall out then that's not a good thing."

Her daughter, Jessica, is a first year music student at the Royal Holloway University in north London. She will be able to vote for the first time at the next General Election. But she admits she knows little about the arguments for or against the euro.

Asked how she would vote if there were a referendum today, she says: "I would hate to have to make that decision. I don't watch the news regularly or buy a paper every day. Saying that, if I were asked now, I would probably say no.

"I would worry that Europe would gradually become more and more one country and Britain would start to lose its identity. I suppose in some ways it would be good for Britain economically, but I think I'm looking at it from a traditional point of view. But she adds: "I am not so fixed in my view that I wouldn't be open to the different arguments."

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