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The Lyseight Family

The Lyseight Family
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The Lyseight Family

Neville and Frances Lyseight are cautiously in favour of the euro, but feel they would like to know more. Neville, 50, who is an accountant, says: "I'm not anti-European, but I don't think the arguments have been put fairly by either side.

"All of them are saying wait and see. I think both main parties are sitting on the fence. I want them to come out now and say that they think.

"Some heads of industry say it would help business and trading. They say it would make British business think in more European terms."

He adds: "I think a lot of people are xenophobic. There is a national identity associated with the pound, but I don't think that type of discussion by the politicians is appropriate.

"We should be concentrating on the economic arguments. The nationality thing is becoming less and less important. I don't have a problem being associated wtih Europe. I associate with Europe just as well as with Britain. I do think it's quite fair that the British are not wholly trustful of the arrangement. By the same token, I would say there are some grounds for that."

Frances, a 50-year-old health visitor, adds: "Most of the manufacturing people I have read about say it would help the economy. If the economy is working well, then I think the euro is more acceptable.

"Most people want to preserve their identity. Why push people to be similar when we are all so different? We are all different and that should be preserved. There's something in people which strives for that. I feel the politicians should discuss the economic issues.

She admitted: 'I am very suspicious of Europe - where do you draw the line?," she says.

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