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Barrow Family

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The Barrow Family

Perry Barrow is all in favour of the euro. The 39-year-old site manager lives with his wife Cherry, 44 and their 13-year-old daughter Sarah in their two-bedroom terrace house worth 200,000.

Cherry, a PE teacher, feels she doesn't know enough yet about all the issues to make a considered judgement, but Perry thinks the euro will be good for Britain.

He said: "I've always been interested in Europe since I was at school. I see myself as English, but also European.

"I think the more we try to strengthen links with Europe, the better it will be. It will mean unrestricted travel which will make things a lot easier.

Economic benefits

"I think there will be a few problems getting the euro up and running, but if it works, it will be very good. We all stand to benefit economically.

"We'll miss out if it does get up and running and we go in late. Then we'll have to pay more. They won't take kindly to it if we wait to find out whether it works or not."

Perry admits he takes a lot of stick from friends over his defence of the euro. He said: "A lot of them think I am mad because I am in favour of it. I think talk of a superstate is slightly exaggerated. I think they would have to phase the euro in over a couple of years."

Cherry says she is not against the euro, but added: "What worries me is change. I don't like it and remember the problems we had when they introduced decimal currency".

Perry said: "I think they should replace the pound with the euro. If there was a referendum tomorrow, I would vote in favour of it."

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