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Pro and anti euro campaign teams visited Referendum Street to put their arguments to the residents. Before the teams arrived some of the families on the street were in favour of ditching the pound in favour of the euro, while others were firmly against the idea. Many could not make up their minds either way. Read their views below and find out how they voted.

The Barrow Family  Perry and Cherry Barrow
Perry, 39, is all in favour of the euro, although his wife Cherry hates the idea of change.

Lyseight Family  Neville and Frances Lyseight
Neither believes the arguments have been put fairly or clearly by either side.

The Wheeler Family  John and Rosalind Wheeler
The Wheelers think the euro will lead top a European superstate which will damage Britain's interests.

The McClymont Family  Lesley and Jessica McClymont
Mum Lesley finds the euro "a bit of a yawn". Student daugher Jessica wants to know more about it before making up her mind.

The Wood Family  Rebecca Wood
She thinks the euro is "inevitable", but she is sceptical about it.

The Field Family  Peter and Daniel Field
Father and son agree normally, but they are poles apart over the euro.

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