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A seven-part series of exclusive features focusing on different aspects of crime.
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arrowElectronic tagging
arrowMiscarriages of justice
arrowOrganised crime
arrowDrug courts
arrowPolice and firearms
arrowCalifornia curfew
arrowA night out in Derby
Talking Point
arrowAre curfews the solution?
arrowAnn Widdecombe and Simon Hughes answer your questions
arrowLord Bassam answers your questions
Are curfews an effective way of keeping youngsters out of trouble?
survey results graph
On the spot fines for rowdy behaviour are likely to be effective
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arrowMore on the survey
arrowHome Office
arrowCenter on Juvenile and Criminal Justice
arrowAn Analysis of Curfew Enforcement and Juvenile Crime in California Fighting Youth Curfews (US)

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  "In many jurisdictions serious juvenile crime increased at the very time officials were toting the crime reduction effects of strict curfew enforcement."
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US Justice Policy Institute

Deborah Clarke
Deborah Clarke says Liberty is planning to challenge curfews in the courts

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  "Curfews like this are almost impossible to police"
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Chris Stanley, Nacro

Chris Stanley says curfews are “unfair”

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  "Children have a right to be on the streets"
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Deborah Clarke, Liberty

Yob culture: Calling time on the lads?
Peter Gould's report

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