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A seven-part series of exclusive features focusing on different aspects of crime.
arrow Yob culture
arrowElectronic tagging
arrowMiscarriages of justice
arrowOrganised crime
arrowDrug courts
arrowPolice and firearms
arrowGun law: The point of no return?
Talking Point
arrowShould British police routinely carry guns?
arrowAnn Widdecombe and Simon Hughes answer your questions
arrowLord Bassam answers your questions
Police officers on routine street patrols should be armed
survey results 1
Arming the police more of the time will make it more or less likely criminal will arm themselves?
survey results 2
arrow Police Services of the UK
arrow Association of Police Authorities
arrow Police Federation of England and Wales
arrow Home Office: Crime Reduction
arrow Metropolitan Police Tactical Firearms Department
arrow Lothian and Borders police factsheet
arrow ACPO
arrow West Midlands Police: Dealing with firearms
arrow Nottinghamshire police
arrow Facing Violence: The Response of Provincial Police Forces 1995 *

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Fred Broughton
Fred Broughton: Wants to see the unarmed service maintained

Danny Thomas
Danny Thomas: Says it is hip to carry a gun

Paul Acres
Paul Acres: Insists Nottingham police are not routinely armed

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Peter Gould’s report

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