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A seven-part series of exclusive features focusing on different aspects of crime.
arrow Yob culture
arrowElectronic tagging
arrowMiscarriages of justice
arrowOrganised crime
arrowDrug courts
arrowPolice and firearms
arrowRaphael Rowe: Life on the outside
arrowThe Essex murders
Talking Point
arrowDo you have faith in British justice?
arrowAnn Widdecombe and Simon Hughes answer your questions
arrowLord Bassam answers your questions
Has enough been done with the judicial system to ensure miscarriages donít happen in future?
Survey results 1
Have recent miscarriages of justice made you lose faith in the British judicial system?
Survey results 2
arrowMore on the survey
arrowCriminal Cases Review Commission
arrowCriminal Bar Association
arrowInnocent: Miscarriages of Justice
arrowThe M25 Three Campaign
arrowThe Bridgewater Four (unofficial)
arrowReview of Justice in Error
arrowCriminal Courts Review

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Gerard Conlon
Gerard Conlon, one of the Guildford Four, spent 15 years in prison

Birmingham Six
Birmingham Six: Freed in 1991

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  "Justice is something that is not on this government's curriculum."
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Paddy Hill, Bimingham Six

Derek Bentley
Derek Bentley: Executed in 1953 - his conviction was overturned in 1998

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  "We are too often strangled by a system of rules and interpretation, which prevents us getting to the truth"
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Sir David Phillips, Chief Constable of Kent.

Judith Ward
Judith Ward: Served 18 years for a multiple murder caused by an IRA bombing in 1973.

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  It is better to let ten guilty men go free than to wrongly incarcerate one innocent man
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Sir William Blackstone, 18th century judge

Examining injustice
Chris Summersí report

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