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Destination UK: countries of origin
Afghanistan Iraq Somalia Sri Lanka Turkey Iran FRY Pakistan China Zimbabwe
Click on the map below to find out more about the top 10 countries of origin for UK asylum seekers.
2. Iraq
6. Iran
7. FRY
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Early figures for 2001 suggest the number of people applying for asylum from Iraq was slightly down on 2000, with 6,805 applications made.

However this still made Iraqis the second largest number of people seeking asylum in Britain.

In 2001 more then 2,600 people applying from Iraq were given leave to stay in the UK.

Country background:

Since the terrorist attacks on America in September 2001 Iraq has often found itself on the receiving end of bellicose rhetoric from the Americans, with the implied intention of removing Saddam Hussein from power.

In addition to this destabilising factor Iraq has been involved in two major wars, against Iran in the 1980s and against a US-led alliance in 1991 after it invaded Kuwait.

Long-term international sanctions have caused severe hardship and are unlikely to be lifted until Iraq satisfies United Nations demands over weapons inspections.

In 1991 the UN said Iraq had been reduced to a pre-industrial state, and over the past 10 years living standards have continued to deteriorate as a result of the embargo.

According to Amnesty International human rights violations in the country are taking place "systematically" and torture is widespread. The majority of the victims are Shi'a Muslims in southern Iraq and Kurds in the north.

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